Saturday, August 7, 2010

Little Wild Horse and Bell Canyons

I got my first look into a slot canyon yesterday - very cool!!

Oh but first - a quick look at the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River. He was an early explorer of the Green and Colorado Rivers, and he led the first expedition down the Grand Canyon:

A replica of one of his boats (you wouldn't catch me on that in the rapids!):

A replica of a boat on his voyage that didn't make it through the canyon above Dinosaur National Monument:

Next, on to Little Wild Horse Canyon for an *awesome* loop hike, up this canyon, across on a 4WD road, and back down Bell Canyon.

I was pretty excited about this adventure:

Gargoyle on the rocks:

Yep, this is really the trail:

And so is this!

Photographers must love places like this.

A photo of the 4WD road for Bob:

Funky rock coloring:

Heading back down Bell Canyon (more runnable, but less interesting):

A wonderful loop hike of about 8 miles - highly recommended!
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