Wednesday, August 4, 2010


From Salt Lake, we drove west to see the Salt Flats. On the map it doesn't look like much more than a long, flat road out there, but it was actually an interesting drive. We watched the Salt Lake, the salt processing operations (including one with a Morton's sign on it), sea gulls, and an occasional patch of green amid everything white.

A glimpse of the salt flats from the road:

Just before we hit the Nevada border we turned right toward the salt flats. Looking across the white plain, it seemed like there was water in the distance, but it was just some heat shimmer.

Not part of the Speedway (no speed records here!):

Howie at the Salt Flats - and no, we didn't drive Howie onto the salt. Didn't feel the need to have to wash it all off later.

Harvery on the Salt Flats (with a bit of a hand deformity going on):

John racing out toward the Speedway:

He eventually came back:

It was windy that afternoon! (Maybe stuff like this explains the hand problem):

We parked overnight at a casino in West Wendover, NV - cool! Our first free night in a casino parking lot:

The state line:

The next morning was clear and calm, so we went for a run. Here's me, coming back to the truck:

Nice run, John! I had watched him take off and eventually disappear over the horizon. You could run for miles and miles out there, and the scenery hardly changes at all.

Quite an experience! It was worth the drive over there. And the coating of salt...
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