Monday, August 16, 2010

Slickrock bike trail

After riding the MOAB Brand slickrock trails, John was keen to check out the "real" Slickrock trail that makes Moab famous among mountain bikers. I wasn't quite so keen (knowing that it doesn't take much for me to lose confidence in my biking ability), but I went up there to see it with him. John rode the 12-mile loop while I trekked the practice loop and took photos.

On the way up we snagged this photo for Bob:

The bike trail looks great - very smooth, much better riding than the 4WD roads we were on previously, and it seems like it could be lots of fun. I tested it briefly on my bike, but the steepness in some places was too much for me. Here is the practice loop that I did on foot:

While I was in the parking lot, someone reported a rattlesnake hanging out in one of the bathrooms, so I had to go take a look:

John on his way back:

He absolutely loved the trail! His only endo was into a pile of deep sand, and in front of some jeep folks, so that was a funny story. Otherwise, he stayed on the bike for just about everything. Nice riding, John!

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