Monday, August 16, 2010

Long biking day

The next day we went for a long (quite long!) bike ride. Not in terms of miles, but in the amount of time it took us to complete the loop. I do not recommend this route unless you are training for an adventure race.

It started out fun though - we headed up to the MOAB Brand trails, and I did better on the slickrock this time as I figured out a few things. We rode Rockin-A and Rockin-O, and John really enjoyed it (his first time on slickrock). We played around taking photos of each other.

Arches National Park in the distance:

I didn't even know John was down there taking this photo - I *really* like the result!

John got a good start in bloodying up his appendages (there would be more scrapes that day and subsequent days as well, this was just the beginning). Nothing serious at least!

From there we climbed up the Gemini Bridges road and veered off to the Gold Bar and Golden Spike 4WD roads.

Below the Gooney Bird rock where we had a snack in the shade:

Riding away from Gooney Bird - bye!

People really drive jeeps down and up these things? I am still amazed.

John started riding up some steeper slopes, and he was amazed at what he could do on the rock. I was impressed!

Taking a break:

The road pops out on the rim overlooking the highway a couple of times:

A nice view of Moab and the La Sal Mountains:

This was called "Launch Pad" - like The Wall at Rocky Hill Ranch, but bigger!

John almost made it up the other side.

From there we turned onto the Poison Spider trail, but didn't take that loop around. Instead, we fought sandboxes and eventually made it down to the road. I was pretty tired and thirsty - not much in picture-taking mood! We were just glad to be done :)
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