Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free endorsements

i.e. I'm not getting paid for posting these opinions :)

Food-related discoveries from the past several months:

Ziplok Zip N Steam bags - easiest way to cook veggies (especially broccoli) we've ever found

Greek Gods honey yogurt (thank you Sprouts)

Uncle Ben's jasmine rice

Cherry wine from Spanish Valley vineyard near Moab

Farr's Fresh Ice Cream Cafe in Vernal, UT (there are also a couple locations near Salt Lake City, but we didn't find it until we got to Vernal) - make your own sundae, pay by the ounce, fresh fruit toppings, yum!

Dried blueberries on oatmeal (thank you Brandi)

Sabra pine nut hummus

Himalayan Kitchen in Durango, CO - my new favorite-est buffet

Making beans in a crock pot

Annie Chun's sushi wraps - make your own sushi rolls

And last, but definitely not least - we have discovered that John can stir-fry! :)
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