Thursday, August 5, 2010

The beauty of Flaming Gorge

I'd love to see all of the national parks and monuments in Utah, although we might not have time this summer to quite hit them all. I'm glad we didn't miss Flaming Gorge - it's really pretty, and another wonderful area for adventure race training.

The Sheep Creek loop drive has some amazing geology on display from many different timeframes:

View of the gorge from the visitor's center (they have a great location!):

Looking downstream:

We took a fun (and free!) tour of the dam. No photos allowed during the tour, but here is the dam from the top:

And from the other side - wow, that's high:

A pretty overlook near the dam:

One of my favorite mountain animals - love this sign board:

Also love national forests, especially when we can find free dispersed camping in great locations:

The Sheep Creek inlet, where we paddled Sunny:

We paddled around Kingfisher Island, docking at a "boat-in" campground for a quick break:

The next morning we biked up to the Ute lookout tower:

And did a short run down to Browne Lake:

It was a quick trip through the area, but we were very happy we got to see it.
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