Monday, July 12, 2010

Awards ceremony

Some photos from the Hardrock awards ceremony...

Three Johns - congratulations to all 3 for excellent finishes!

John with Alan (pacer) and Adam (runner), two guys we saw quite a few times from Handies Peak all the way to the finish. Great running, y'all!

Christy and Ted Mahon - another strong team!

Phil and Andy, our Aussie friends - well done!

John repeating the Runners Vow to "promise to pay more attention to my family and friends, at least until November when the next Hardrock application form comes out..." :)

Marty and his son Nicholas - congratulations!

Another set of finishes for Scott and Liz - well done!

Mark Heaphy getting his finisher's items:

Playing around with the camera:

Greg wore his own graduation hat! He was *very* excited, as well he should be:

Roch Horton and his band singing, "My Running Shoes Don't Fit Me Anymore". Where else can you get 3 hours of food and entertainment like this?

John being recognized by Dale and Lois:

Yay John!

The women's winner, Diana Finkel - who ALMOST took the whole race overall! Simply amazing.

Jared Campbell, the overall winner, who caught Diana in the last 10 miles. What a race!

Too much fun for one morning! Congratulations to all Hardrock runners, you are incredible.

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