Friday, July 16, 2010

Colorado National Monument

We traveled north from Silverton, stopping near Grand Junction for a couple nights. Last year we had noticed signs for the Colorado National Monument but didn't have time to visit it. It seemed like a good time to check it out and stay at the campground (nice views of the valley). What a beautiful place! We enjoyed driving and hiking around in the park.

Obligatory selfie to start things off:

Close-up of the Window:

Monument Canyon:

Hmm, no comment:

Independence Monument, which had an American flag on top of it the day before (we were bummed we missed them taking it down). Every year on July 4th, the Search and Rescue crew does a climb to the top to plant the flag. And for $125 they will get you up there too! How cool!

Juniper berries:

I believe this is Columbus Canyon:

Meditation on the rocks:

Yoga on the rocks:

At the Grand Junction library (lately we've had great luck finding WiFi at town libraries) - they installed a "booth" for people to talk on the phone. Neat!

I did a hike from the valley up to the park road, on a fun trail through Monument Canyon:

Independence Monument from below:

Great looks at rocks:

John thinks this might be the route to the top of Independence Monument:

An interesting rock:

Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!

Another neat rock:

And yet another:

The Coke Ovens, from below:

Harvey helpfully pointing out Balanced Rock:

We have yet to be disappointed whenever we stop for a National Park or Monument!
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