Monday, July 12, 2010

Hardrock finish line!

I made it to the finish line in time to watch John SPRINT down the street - wow! He was flying! We didn't carry the good camera on the course (left it in the truck in Ouray), but luckily John had toted the GoPro around to Cunningham and I had it at the finish line to capture a couple of photos.

Here he comes!

Running for the Rock:

Trying to stop coughing long enough to Kiss The Rock:

On top of the world (or at least the Rock)! He was actually completely surprised to be in the top 10 (finishing 9th!), as he was only trying to break 31 hours at that point. He did it - in 30:59:05.

Amazing finish! He did so well, and I had such fun pacing him overnight. Thank you to everyone for your great long-distance vibes, for cheering him on, and for your love and support.

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Anonymous said...

You totally ROCK John!! We are all blown away by what you did - see you Friday! Bob and Kathy