Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moab - day 2

I couldn't figure out how to pare down our huge set of photos from today into a small subset, so here are a bunch at once!

Group shot above the Colorado River - we think this might be "Thelma and Louise Point":

We drove up Potash Road in the 4x4 rental Explorer, which was an experience in itself. We started off with some dino tracks:

And pictographs:

The railroad tracks at the start of our hike toward the Corona Arch:

A nice trail over slickrock:

John inspecting a future arch:

Corona Arch, aka Little Rainbow Bridge:

NOT low clearance this time:

Bob goofing around at the base of the arch:

It's a photogenic geological feature:

Bowtie Arch:

Finishing the hike:

What did y'all think?

Jug Handle Arch:

Another amazing balancing rock:

Colorful potash solar evaporation ponds:

Thinking about going for a swim in the Colorado:

A sphinx?

Kathy was hoping to see some Bighorn Sheep - and they obliged! Mom and kid climbed up a cliff across from the road and hung out long enough for us to capture some pictures - thank you!

After a rather harrowing drive along White Rim Road (for me and Kathy, anyway - not for the guys!), we found the Musselman Arch - it was SO worth it. John was especially excited about it! It's hard to see in these photos, but this arch extends 120 feet between two rock ledges, it's really high up in the air, and you can WALK across it. Wow!

John flexing his "Mussels":

I took a more Zen approach:

Yoga on the Rocks:

John hijacking a scenic photo of Bob and Kathy:

John and I took turns running ahead of the truck for a quick workout - did I mention that the temps here are over 100 degrees in the afternoon?

Did we really come up that?

A question for Team Vignette before our Desert Winds expedition adventure race later this summer:

Hiking up to the Upheaval Dome:

There are several theories on how the Upheaval Dome (really a huge depression) came to be. I vote for "meteor". And also "why haven't they figured this out already?"

Yoga on the Rocks:

A view down toward the Green River - fantastic!

John exploring between the rocks:

Yoga on the Rocks ("Sexy Cobra"):

Did we really come up that road earlier? Still can't believe it:

A view back down Shafer Canyon:

Yoga on the Cairn:

Phew, what a day! We're having a great time, enjoying the company of friends, and looking forward to more adventures.
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