Thursday, July 1, 2010

HRH course marking - day 2

Day 2 of Hardrock course marking, more fun, with a touch of excitement. We rode our bikes to the Ice Lake trailhead and climbed ahead of the crew - who was moving really well today too.

John could NOT resist this:

More my speed:

The trail up toward Grant-Swamp Pass:

I LOVE Island Lake (someday we might even go down there for a lunch break):

Scree fields are lower on the "love" scale for me:

Contemplating Oscar's Pass across the way:

Here it is:

John decided this would be a great place for lunch. I just wish he hadn't taken my lunch along with him...

Getting some practice on the scree field (argh):

It's never pretty when it comes to scree and me:

But I'll (usually) get there:

More of the crew coming down:

Back on "solid" ground:

And now for my next trick - getting back up:


When you find a solid rock on a screen field, that's usually a great time to take a break:

There must be a better way:

Back down the way we came (to get our bikes):

Ice Lake valley - another place we should visit sometime:

Looks like my internet connection just might allow a second post today or maybe more - I'll keep going as long as it lets me!
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