Saturday, July 24, 2010

Salt Lake City for the weekend

We went to Salt Lake City for one last afternoon of sightseeing with Kathy and Bob before they had to fly back home. Very sad to see them go!

Posed in front of a neat fountain near the Temple:

They took this shot of Howie on our drive over from Moab - cool!

Not quite the same type of arch as what we've seen recently:

Pretty flowers in front of the Beehive House:

Fun fountain next to the Blue Lemon:

John noticed a vuvuzela in the hands of the angel on the Temple!

The place where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings - very pretty interior and it sounds like the accoustics are wonderful:

The majestic Temple:

Someone does an amazing job with the flowers in gardens all over the place:

An interesting little park:

I wasn't sure how to capture these red flowers, and finally tried this shot:

Our Tug has relatives!!

I wish the lighting were better for this shot - Yoga with the Artwork!

Bob posing in front of a Jason-lookalike:

We had a fabulous vegetarian dinner, and Bob ate way too much dessert :)

One of many excellent murals around town - this would be a fun city for an urban race:

We were lucky to be here for Pioneer Days, although Kathy and Bob had to leave before they could see any of it. People camped along the street overnight to wait for the morning parade! Not us, but some people did:

And there was a marathon the same morning, partly along the parade route - these two briefly got a police escort:

Runners in front of a colorful float:

The Letter Carriers Band (for Mom):

After the parade we explored the art museum. Wish Kathy and Bob could have joined us for the mini-golf interactive art!

This one is called Pi Hole (par = 3.14159...):

Sharing the green:

John putting the chain back on the bike - "Honey, I'm not sure that wasn't supposed to be like that?":

No words needed:

This one was called "Pissing into the Wind", par = infinity:

Donkey Kong! We are hopelessly not even close to Kings of Kong, but it was fun playing a round in between the putt putt action:

Golf in the president's living room (I guess!):

Not sure what to call this!

They also have a small gallery with some great paintings, including my two favorites:

Time to figure out what we're doing next!
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