Monday, July 12, 2010

HRH in Telluride

After the start of the Hardrock race, I drove around to Telluride, did a couple of errands, and then hung out at the aid station to watch the runners and wait for John.

The lead runner at that point, Scott Jamie, looking good:

Another Duckie on the trail?

The town of Telluride and the area of the next climb on the course:

Young Nick Pedatella doing great, in second at that point:

John Anderson currently in third place:

Jared Campbell running down with poles, looking comfortable:

Diana Finkel, lead woman:

Karl Meltzer, running by the Duckie on the log:

Darcy Africa, 2nd place woman, in the aid station:

Here's John! He had a much better climb up Oscar's this year and wasn't too hot. He was doing great on eating and drinking, and setting a good pace:

Apparently he got lei'd at Chapman:

Quite the lucky shot on the way out of the aid station, totally didn't plan this:

Smiling and happy!

Starting up the hill (well, mountain) toward Virginius Pass:

Ted, not far behind, who would catch John on the uphill so they could run together for a while:

The Telluride leaderboard, with John in 16th place. Only 7 runners in the current top 15 would still be ahead of John at the finish line, and only Ted would eventually pass him to finish in front. John was just getting started.

Oh, and the Telluride aid station rocks, especially the comm crew! They had printouts from the website for frequent updates, someone radio'ing down from the hill to tell them who was coming, and then one loud guy yelling out the runner's number so their crew would be ready. Awesome.

I had a fine morning in Telluride and a nice drive back around to Ouray. I'll tell my "pacing story" soon, but first I'll post some more photos of later events...
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