Monday, February 16, 2009

A good weekend

I've had a fun couple of days.

Friday I went to work with John in San Antonio. Working once in a while is really more like entertainment than actual work. I helped hang vinyl signs on the back wall of the store, learning about measuring and placement, and most of all, learning that it would have been better if the paint were completely dry instead of only mostly-but-not-quite-completely dry. I also realized that it has been a long time since I've been on my feet for 10 hours straight. Well, unless I'm running.

Saturday was a deck party and orienteering treat! Thank you to our awesome friends Robyn and Cathy for hosting it, and to their son Garrett for letting me play along in the Rock Band game. Very cool.

Sunday John and I rode alongside the Austin Marathon course to take pictures, cheer people, and run support for our brother-in-law Loren and his friend Dirk. I'm a big fan of biking a marathon course instead of running it :)

Loren (in the hat) doing well, approaching mile 7:

Joyce crossing Mopac on 35th Street:

Deanna looking great:

Brenton approaching mile 15:

Raul (in yellow) just before mile 17:

Elizabeth running in the sun:

Loren finishing!

Dirk also completed 26.2 miles - congratulations!

Dirk and Loren at the Nightwing sculpture:

John shot a short video clip of Loren running on Cesar Chavez:

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