Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random fun in DC/MD/DE

Some of our wanderings lately, starting with photos at the end of a long run down to DC.

I have a dream...

World War II Memorial:

The scaffolding is coming down bit by bit:

We finally got over to see Thomas Jefferson:

Still some leaves on the trees - they keep hanging on and still look pretty:

Part of the Jefferson Memorial:

We obtained library cards for the Library of Congress!  It was the neatest thing to sit inside the main reading room, find a book from the shelves, and peruse it quietly.

A slightly louder room of the Library of Congress - just as beautiful though:

We found The Big Cheese truck for lunch sandwiches - awesome:

A different take on the "LOVE" statue idea:

I spent some time in the Portrait Gallery - here is some evidence:

The ladies of the Supreme Court:

The Smithsonian Castle and a bit more foliage:

The Rabbit Thinker:

A Joan Miro sculpture:

One of my favorite outdoor sculpture artists, Claes Oldenburg:

We got to ride with Kathy in her Mini on a day trip to Annapolis and the Naval Academy.  This was a fun day!

I have not yet begun to fight...

The Naval Academy students in formation to march in for lunch:

The beautiful chapel:

Admiral Farragut:

The tomb of John Paul Jones:

Oh yes sir:

Annapolis Post Office in a nice brick building (photo for Mom):

On Saturday John and I drove to Delaware to add another state to our collection of various places where we have raced:

It was a Turkey Trot and I did the 10K while John took photos:

Snorkel Man - crazy outfit for this cold, windy weather!

These costumes seem at least warm and slightly more normal:

John ran the 5K while I took a turn with the camera.  If you look real hard you can see John in the green jacket further down the street:

John crossing the finish line... backwards:

Yay for racing in Delaware!

Go Turkey!

Turkey awards:

John was third in his age group  :)

For one of our nieces:


Kathy's Mini, complete with reindeer antlers and a red nose - love it!

Sunday we all went to the Mansion on O Street for breakfast, to listen to some music, and to tour around the amazing rooms.  They have a huge collection of odd and interesting items, pretty much all of it for sale.

Including this:

Lots of signed guitars and music-related items:

One of our favorite rooms, the log cabin.  The Mansion is also a hotel that would be fun to stay at sometime:

Flashbacks to some of the books I read a long time ago:

We avoided going back out into the cold by playing pool for a while - fun!

Interesting bathroom motif:

How about this for a tub:

The beautiful dining room where we had breakfast:

Thank you Kathy and Bob for a couple of amazing weeks, jam-packed full of great things to see and do!