Sunday, September 13, 2009

More New Mexico photos

More travel in and around Santa Fe...

On the way to Taos we stopped at the Classical Gas Museum - very cool!

A postcard from Taos Pueblo where we took a very interesting tour - an excellent place to learn more about Native American culture and lifestyles:

The gorge bridge near Taos:

And the Rio Grande below it:

John took the hard way across:

We visited the "Earthship" community near Taos. They build mostly-off-the-grid houses, in New Mexico and around the world. We could learn a lot from their systems and design. Some photos of the display buildings:

The drive (both the Low and High roads) between Santa Fe and Taos was also very scenic.

Back in Santa Fe, we spent a day on Museum Hill:

It said "Try These On", so how could we resist??

Tea and dessert at the Chocolate Maven, yay!

Folk art on Canyon Road:

Outdoor furniture and/or art:

We (sadly) brought Kathy and Bob to Albuquerque so they could pick up their rental car and head west. What a wonderful week we had with them!

Time for us to drive back to Texas...

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