Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day

Albany didn't get as much of the white stuff as other parts of the eastern seaboard - but it was enough to make for an interesting day! John got the photographer assignment today as he ran some errands (therefore, all photos courtesy of John Beard).

Our car before dawn - this is after an initial attempt at cleaning it off, which was also courtesy of John Beard:

A shoveled sidewalk - again, thank you JB!

John's accomplishment here was noticing how cool this car looked (yep, it's just parked, and yep, there was a LOT of wind around here today):

Wintry scene around the museum and parking meters buried up to their necks:

A pause at the Daily Grind for a steaming cuppa Joe:

A "Snowed-Under Vehicle""

Snow on the awnings:

Our street after the plows came through several times:

Our car before John cleaned it off. Again.

Our backyard:

Overheard by John: Something to the effect that "At least it's a dry snow." I can add that to "heat" and "cold" as things that are better dry.

Thank you to public transit for us not having to drive today!

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