Monday, January 24, 2011

XC ski day at Pineridge

It was cold last weekend - almost as cold as it was today, and today was absolutely frigid, like a below-zero start to the morning. At least there wasn't much wind for my snowshoe jaunt at Thacher SP on Saturday, but I was kicking up so much snow that I had to put my camera in a bag and then it was too cold to get it out. And that was the same scenery you've already seen anyway.

But on Sunday I managed a cross-country ski rental and a drive up to Pineridge XC ski area! The trails were great, weaving all around and up and down the woods. I hadn't forgotten that I love to XC ski, I just didn't remember how much. Love it!!

A winter wonderland:

My trusty little rentals:

Not sure why I bothered with the sunglasses:

The positive side of the ice storm from a week or so ago:

Pretty patterns on all the branches:

I can never resist a sign such as this:

However, east coast summits don't always have the same great views as in the west:

The sun even came out at the end!

Too much fun :)

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