Saturday, June 18, 2011

Escarpment Trail run

Last weekend of lowland training! Recently I received a letter telling me "due to a stroke of bad luck, your entry into the Escarpment Trail Run has been accepted". This is a 30k race at the end of July on a technical, rocky, interesting course in the Catskills. Seems like a good place for some recon and a bit of trail running/hill climbing from the valley to the finish line and then along a few miles up the course.

Escarpment boulder:

There used to be a nice hotel up here:

North Lake (the finish line for the race):

Today was a hazy day:

More Catskills geology (is that a duck in the upper left?):

One of several views along this stretch - this trail has more than its share of views compared to other Catskills trails:

This was a bit of a surprise:

View back down to the finish line lakes from North Point:

Bad Man Cave (not, apparently, related to the Bat Cave):

Rob Lowe's book on my iPod kept me entertained and laughing. The extended version of The Outsiders is now in my Netflix queue, plus I'm really looking forward to seeing Austin Powers again sometime soon!

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