Saturday, November 26, 2011

(Don't) Let It Snow

This happened shockingly early in Albany:

Happily, it melted quickly and only once since then I've seen slight flurries that gave up as soon as they hit the ground.

Last week a big storm blew through the northeast right before Thanksgiving. The weatherpeople were very excited. I woke up to rain and didn't think much of it.

That is, until I started driving north to my parents' place in VT the next day - it didn't take long to start seeing white stuff on the ground. It got more substantial the further north I drove.

Friday after Turkey Day, we ignored the stores and went up to Bolton Valley for some snowshoeing. Snowshoeing, what?? Completely unexpected to me - luckily Dad mentioned that they had been shoveling the driveway (what??) so I grabbed my boots as I was walking out the door in Albany. Mom supplied the snowshoes and the cute puppy dog, and we had a fabulous outing in the sunshine, with blue sky and white trails.

Renee demonstrated how she can fetch Mom's hat in return for a treat:

Bam, it's winter.

Amazing amount of snow all in one dumping:

Finishing up a fun day on the trails:

Back in Albany now - phew, it's still only brown here. John, it's still safe to come visit :)

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