Monday, October 7, 2013

Nipmuck Trail Marathon

Another quick post without pics...

(I thought about stopping for a photo of us with the beautiful fall foliage along the roads of Connecticut, but it was raining and we had had about enough of being wet at that point)

We drove a couple hours yesterday to participate in the Nipmuck Trail Marathon.  It was a really nice race on a good little trail, out and back in one direction and then out and back in the other direction.  I started at an easy pace and focused on foot placement among the rocks and roots.  It was lightly raining in the first half and I hardly noticed.  In fact, it was a lovely morning for running.  The colorful leaves were just so pretty.

In the 2nd half it started pouring.  Maybe that's why I picked up the pace, maybe I was just feeling good and ready to run.  I cruised on the road section and kept on cruising the little rolling hills after that.  My momentum got checked by several short steep climbs, but after the turn-around I started looking for people to pass.  That's always fun.

John and I got to see each other twice, a nice feature of an out and back section.  He ran well and had a good time, and neither of us were too bothered by the rain.

The vegetarian chili afterward was a highlight!  Also the gift certificate to the NY deli-restaurant where the chili was made... we stopped there on the way to Hartford and tried our first egg creams.  Wow yum!  I should have been seeking these out in NYC apparently.

All in all, a good day, and one that helps me appreciate being indoors and dry now  :)

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