Friday, April 11, 2014

Top of Kentucky

We left Howie (our travel trailer) parked at a campground and drove the truck a few miles up to the Virginia/Kentucky border where the Kentucky highpoint is located.  There are certainly places we never would think to go and things we would never see if we weren't on this quest.  In this case, little mining towns and mountains with lots of topographical rearranging going on.

It happened to be a rainy day, which worked well for a drive-up highpoint.

Walking up to the top towers in the fog (hmm, fog and wind at the top of a mountain, where have we seen that before?):

The plaque at the top:

And the survey marker:

"Hands Across the Mountain"

Pondering whether to climb it.  Deciding no because there is no view today...

Tug the truck waiting patiently nearby:

Welcome back to Virginia!  Or maybe a warning for cardinals... (someone has been doing target practice on the sign):

We're up to 24 highpoints (26 if you count DC and Puerto Rico):

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