Saturday, March 12, 2016

Last part of the Mexico tour

On our last day in Mexico, our tour took us to Valle de Bravo and a nice resort spot.  It was a quick overnight stay, but with plenty of interesting little activities.

The best was morning birdwatching from the walkways of the resort.  There were plenty of colorful, interesting birds and it was easy to see them (through binoculars) across the great expanses of lawn.

Apparently butterflies are easier to capture on film than birds, especially when the numbers favor the monarchs (millions) over the birds (a couple here and there) who just refused to come sit on my shoulder to be photographed:

Lovely early morning walk:

Melissa checking the bird book and wondering why I keep taking pictures of the people (because it's easier than taking pictures of birds):

The pool at the resort:

Hey, avocados!

Next we visited a spot with a couple pretty waterfalls:

Very nice.  And this is the "low water" time of year:

Our fun group taking turns taking pictures:

Birds of Paradise (also easier to photograph than actual birds):

Colorful market in the town of Valle de Bravo:

Love all the fresh produce:

Paragliders above town, cool!

The view of the lake from our lunch location:

Plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, one reason why our food was so delicious all week long:

The entry of the botanical garden in Toluca, with beautiful stained glass:

We had some time for peaceful exploration of the garden:

Reflection of the windows in the Japanese section:

I'm more familiar with the plants in this corner:

A striking panel that Mom appreciated:

Monkeying around with the life-size photo of recent visitors:

Melissa with a high-five!

Yes, indeed, that whole trip deserves a high-five!  Thank you Melissa, Astrid, Nat Hab, and our wonderful fun group of adventurers for the amazing experience!

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