Monday, November 28, 2016

Tiny House at the Beard Farm

Just a short post to brag about what my in-laws have put together - they built a tiny house!  It's on their farm property, and we think it's really cute  :)

My one tiny contribution is helping them list it on AirBnB - my first listing (and a side plug for AirBnb who makes it really easy to list and book places like this).

Some photos to show off the space:

The open downstairs area which includes the kitchen, living room, and even a TV (on the wall behind me):

Stairs up to the loft:

The downstairs bedroom:

Nice tile work in the bathroom:

The cozy loft:

View down from the loft:

Pastoral scene out the kitchen window:

And a photo of the outside; this picture is already out of date after some recent landscaping work (and Jerry is working on adding an outdoor BBQ grill):

The AirBnB listing is here if you want to see it:

Thanks for reading my shameless plug!

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