Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Primal Quest - looking for volunteers

In between all the racing, I enjoy occasionally volunteering at events.  Some of our favorite memories have involved volunteering at previous editions of Primal Quest, watching teams do amazing things and helping as we can.

This year I'm going a step further, signing up as volunteer coordinator for Primal Quest in British Columbia.  First time attempt at getting more involved.  I'm looking forward to being a part of the race, living the adventure without all the crazy training or gear preparations (yay!).

So -- full disclosure that I have a vested interest -- Volunteers wanted!  Come join me and the rest of Primal Quest crew and be a part of this epic race in beautiful British Columbia.


We will be based out of Squamish, exploring the area up into the mountains and around the waterways.  Teams will be trekking, mountain biking, white water and ocean paddling, and completing a fixed ropes course.

The race is September 6-15, and we'll be doing setup/check-in for a couple days beforehand.  If you can help for any part of the September 3-16 time period, that would be excellent.

We're looking for volunteers to assist at checkpoints, deliver gear and supplies, help with communications, work with the media team, and many other roles that make the race happen.

To sign up as a volunteer, fill out the form on this page:

Below are some photos from Primal Quest around Lake Tahoe in 2015.  I volunteered that year, but these aren't my photos - thank you to Kaori Funahashi for these excellent shots.

A typical transition area with a racer surrounded by gear and bike boxes:

British Columbia is sure to provide spectacular scenery, especially for the ropes section:

Everything's funnier on sleep deprivation:

Living outdoors for a few days... a chance to see sunsets and pretty places:

I did take a few photos, detailed in my blog posts from back then:

Feel free to send questions - my PQ email is marcy at primalquest dot org

Hope to see you there!

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