Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Nashville wanderings

Here's a little photo tour of our quick visit to Nashville before the Big Dog race in October.  It's always enjoyable to explore cities and find new things to appreciate.

Like this giant map of Tennessee etched in stone (with a shadow-point to the town of Bell Buckle near the Big Farm):

It's an amazingly large map!

On a walkthrough of the capitol grounds - the resting place of president Polk:

Hello Mr. Jackson ("why, hello there"):

The state's liberty bell:

A time capsule - haven't seen one of these in a while (and it started a reminiscing about urban racing):

One more president for good measure, Mr. Andrew Johnson:

US Senator Carmack in front of the capitol building:

Art at the nearby farmer's market (which is apparently more of an afternoon thing since it was quite a quiet morning there):

I like quirky bike racks:

And cute mini-golf courses:

A bit of Nashville flavor, rock on:

Hey, an electric bus!  We should have hopped on for a ride around downtown:

Love the name of this sushi place:

And a bit more of Tennessee in the Southwest magazine... hmm, maybe this could be a future FKT route...

That was a fun diversion, thank you Nashville!

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