Monday, October 19, 2020

Zion NP - Kolob Canyons

Just a quick post for once!  We've done a few random things in the past several weeks, so I'll share some pictures and short stories.

Starting with the west side of Zion at the Kolob Canyons entrance.  It's so close to I-15 and we've driven past multiple times but never had the chance to stop.  It's not an easy place to access while towing a travel trailer, for one thing.  While we were staying at the Three Peaks park near Cedar City (which I can recommend - $5 sites, great views and fun rocks to explore), it was only a short drive and we took a morning to do that.

The main focus was a hike up Taylor Creek.  What a lovely trail, through autumn-colored trees and along running water.  And best of all, through lots of great rock layers and Zion-scale views.

So much geology to see along the way:

I didn't realize how much I missed running along actual running water.  It was cathartic.

And there's one of those views I was talking about - giant rounded formations with flat, vibrant sides:

One of the most colorful trees on the trail:

More views on the other side:

At the end of the trail is the Double Arch Alcove, a dark and cool destination.  We never figured out if there are actually two real arches, or just two arches-in-training, but it's beautiful nevertheless:

Hmm, almost looks like a "slice of Bryce", similar to nearby Bryce Canyon but stuck on the side of a high cliff:

The alcove, where we paused for a snack and to listen to voices echo:

One more great view, this one from the end of the road (with another short hike) and another reason to love Zion National Park.  I don't feel like we truly understand this place yet, but the good news is that there are plenty more trails and canyons to explore another time!

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Unknown said...

So I find myself tortured, and happy for you two, all at the same time. My super love of canyons all started with Zion. The pictures brought it all back. Some nice prose in your descriptions was icing on the cake. Someday I think I'll take a month and totally meld with Zion. Thanks for sharing.