Monday, December 21, 2020

Kip and Jane got married!

Guess what?!  My brother done got married!  He met a wonderful, incredible, sweet woman named Jane.  We got to spend some time with them this past summer and it's obvious they are so happy together.  They are sharing a covid-working space, and if you can thrive in that, you can handle most anything.

They are planning an eventual more normal wedding (if anything this family does can be considered "normal").  But they could not pass up the opportunity to get married on a Saturday Halloween under a full moon.  Who could?  Especially when Dracula will officiate the ceremony in a Las Vegas chapel.

Yay for a fun and entertaining weekend!

[Photo credits to Jane Leiby Fiebig, David Bogle, and John Beard]

But I'm getting slightly ahead of myself with that photo.  In the first portion of this post, they aren't quite married YET.

John and I drove to Las Vegas, while Dave and Michelle also decided to brave the crowds and fly in.  Walking along the Strip, wow what a lot of people.  Most had masks on, a good sign that at least people were being half sane.  We bunked off-Strip and minimized our time in the crowds as much as we could.

Hanging out in Kip and Jane's suite the night before the Big Day - Dave set up this most-excellent photo that got a bunch of "I knew it!" posts on Facebook...

Saturday morning we went for a Team Vignette run around UNLV for old time's sake.  Goofing around as always, while Dave hasn't lost a step in his selfies-on-the-run ability:


We met back up later after showers and costume-donning.  Oh yes, there would be costumes!  It was Halloween, after all.  LOVE what Michelle and Dave came up with.  Formal ostrich riders, perfectly perfect:

John and I had shopped thrift stores to find various items along the vampire theme, and I grew and dyed my hair right quick... and sprouted feathers  :)

An invisible treat for the masked creatures:

The wedding chapel had plenty Halloween theme going on:

Gathering the masked masses (I'm not sure how many people qualify as a "mass", come to think of it):

He's really doing it!

Your first glimpse at Jane's amazing angel bride costume, as we sign and witness paperwork for the nun:

Getting set up at the altar, and much love and thanks to Kip for asking us to stand with him:

The ostrich riders figure out how to sit down, while Kip walks in to begin the proceedings:

The beautiful bride arrives with her maid of honor - Jane is so ethereal I can barely get a photo of her:

Spooky mist signaling the arrival of the minister (I think there was a coffin involved):

"Velcome - I am Dracula."  And he was great!  Hilarious, serious, quick-witted, and completely into the mood.  We were impressed.

It was a lovely ceremony, and Jane had even taught Kip how to dance!  No video of that from me though, sorry :)

Finishing the paperwork with Dracula afterward:

Presenting the married couple, congratulations!!

Names in lights for all the passersby to see:

I believe a garter and a corsage were tossed to the adoring crowd:

Celebratory supper, yay for one small gathering and a happy occasion in 2020!!

Congratulations you two, wishing you much love and happiness,

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