Sunday, April 12, 2009

High Trek Adventure - Austin edition

In lieu of a real race report, here is sort of a photo essay from our HTA race last Saturday:

We've hired a camera crew to capture what they could on Saturday and eventually (with additional non-race footage) compile our 3-minute entry video for The Amazing Race. Here are Steve, Bill and Stacy:

Waiting for a bus that didn't arrive (buses were on detour ALL DAY due to the Mighty Texas Dog Walk), John noticed a picture of the star at the Bob Bullock Museum - we had to find 7 stars, so we might as well get started:

I shouldn't brag, but I figured out this checkpoint answer:

Heading up SoCo toward Blackmail, Sheila figured out that Paul Reubens played Pee-wee Herman, I asked John to name some Pee-wee Herman movies, he started with "Big Top" and I immediately knew we needed to go to Big Top Candy Store. Sweet!

We also learned something new about our camera - occasionally it likes to zoom way in for no apparent reason, giving us a bit of an issue at Big Top that could be considered grounds for DQ since we both weren't in the photo (it's all good if we know to keep it from happening when it really matters!):

Our first successful CP photo from onboard public transportation!! It takes a bit of zoom to see the Cedar Door olives, but they are definitely there:

I asked John to watch for stars, and he went a bit crazy with star photos, including this one also from onboard the bus:

I've been waiting for this to be a checkpoint - finally!


More stars...

I think we won't have any trouble getting 7 of these...

You can stop anytime now, John!

No really, we're WAY past 7 stars!

Finally, back to our regular checkpoints - this one is Molotov Lounge with the symbol from the old Russian flag (and another star!):

Full name = Title Nine:

Not sure why I have never seen this sculpture on 5th Street before:

Treats at Jim Jim's Water Ice!

Another 6th Street checkpoint:

Sheila was such a great sport, finding Viking horns AND a Longhorns jersey - awesome!

For a full report, check it out on Kip's website (click here)

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