Friday, April 24, 2009

TAL Live

Last night we saw the live show "This American Life" in a theater in Austin - too cool! Maybe it has been obvious up to now that I have geek-ish tendencies (can't wait for the new Star Trek movie! as an example). This should seal that question once and for all. I loved the whole 90 minutes of it and could not believe when Ira started reading the credits - already?? Surely there must be more?

New favorite comic = Mike Birbiglia

What's he doing on the radio when he's so good on screen? = Ira Glass

Very funny addition to the performance = the sticky note drawings alongside Starlee Kine's act

No idea what to think = the mouse/cat cartoon

Want to give him a hug = Dan Savage

Who knew he could write, direct, compose, play piano AND sing?? = Joss Whedon

Encore presentation = May 7 (I highly recommend it)

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