Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birding part 1

A quick post just to get a few photos online...

My Mom and I are on a birding trip to the Texas coast. Very cool! We have been on the go for the past 2.5 days - so many birds (and other creatures) to see. Yesterday we went to High Island and Mom saw her first Painted Buntings, yay! Today we did a Rail Walk at the Anahuac refuge and flushed a Yellow Rail. I didn't know what that meant before today, but trust me, it's a special thing.

Many more photos coming eventually...

Houston, Mom has landed:

Kip checking out a woodpecker (Kip drove me to Houston and humored us with a bit of birding at a north Houston park):

Our guide Bryan finding one of many, many species for us to gawk at (he's really good at it):

A dragonfly encounter during lunch:

A green heron hanging out (don't worry, I'm not really trying to take photos of birds with my simple camera, I just figured I try it out on a large bird a few feet away - and it's still not a great shot):

Sounds like rain and wind tomorrow. Adventure racers would be dismayed. Birders get all excited. Definitely a different type of crowd. But still fun to hang around with!

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