Monday, August 16, 2010

A day in Moab

Time to play "Blog Catchup" again! We spent another amazing week in Moab, this time with several long training days by ourselves and then a couple of fun days with our good friend Danny. We were on-the-go most of the time, and didn't have much web access. So here are several posts with photos of our adventures from last week.

We spent one fun day on several activities. The first was a hike up the Negro Bill trail to Morning Glory Natural Bridge.

Some arches and bridges aren't easy to photograph - they hide next to cliffs and within enclosed walls. This is about the best I could do - it was quite impressive in person, at least.

Back at the trailhead, we crossed the road to the Colorado River and inflated our new pack raft for its first test drive.

We will be using it in the Desert Winds race next month, so we need to figure out how to get us and all our gear across the water in this little boat:

The one-person-and-no-gear method:

Playing around with the paddles in the oarlocks, we ended up facing each other for our first foray down the river. I kept giggling as I pictured how we must look to people driving down the road along the river.

Well, we made it 3 miles in our first run. More practice and a different configuration is definitely in order!

Later that day we did a run up on the Moab Rim trail. I snapped a couple photos of neat rock formations. There are just so many around Moab!

"Behind the Rocks" fins in the distance:

A 4-wheel drive "road" (for Bob) - looks like you get an option on this one:

I'm pretty sure these marks weren't caused by bicycle chain rings:

More "road" (right!):

Ending with a very nice view of the river:

It was a good start to our second week of playing around there.

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