Thursday, August 5, 2010


With this post, I'll be up to date on recent blogs! Must be time to head to a new place :)

We have been in Vernal, Utah for a couple of days at an RV park to restock and explore. Just to the east is Dinosaur National Monument (and we almost made it into Colorado for our third border crossing in a couple weeks, but decided to stay in Utah this time).

Dinosaur in the parking lot!

Sadly, the real visitor center is under construction - that's where they have a huge wall of dinosaur fossils all still in place (over 1400 bones!). The photos look amazing. We'll have to come back after they finish (est. fall 2011).

For now, they have opened up a short walk where you can see a few fossils in a different cliff wall, including this large dino bone:

Other than the fossils, the park also has some great scenery. We did a hike near Split Mountain and the Green River:

Heading off on the hike:

Inspiration for Desert Winds?

The "Desert Voices" trail:

I especially like the Dr Seuss quote in the lower right:

Parts of the "Sounds of Silence" trail - an excellent loop:

Still need to visit the Mojave Desert - all the others have been great so far!

The Green River:


Box Canyon trail:

Vernal is a fun, quirky town:

With lots of great flowers!

And an excellent Field House museum, with a bunch of dinos hanging around outside:

It has been a wonderful couple of days. Time to head south to the town of Green River and then back to Moab for more training :)

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