Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend in NYC

A weekend without Hardrock training, without other plans - what do I want to do? I want to go to New York City to see my friend Ron - finally! No more weather-related postponements, and even though John couldn't make it this weekend, it was time to check it out.

I took Amtrak from Albany - so easy! And a really nice ride along the river.

The train took us to Penn Station where I got out to walk a few blocks, take in the tourist atmosphere of that area, and be a tourist myself.

Hey, so this is where Buffy is hanging out these days:

A bit of modern art in the fashion district:

Times Square is not as large as I had imagined - how do they fit all those people here on New Year's Eve?

The city felt a lot like Paris to me - in more ways than one:

For Kip:

This display caught my eye while waiting for the subway:

It was a beautiful day to explore Central Park:

The running track around the reservoir is really nice:

The American Museum of Natural History experience:

For my Texas friends:

It's a turtle? It's stupendemys!

Apologies to Ron for the "double chin" shot :)

Ron took me over to Brooklyn to see the Brooklyn Museum (really nice, reminded me of a large scale Blanton Museum) and the Judy Chicago "Dinner Party" exhibit which is spectacular. I'm totally bringing John back there.

We made a quick stop in Chinatown for dim sum (yum!). One of the quieter streets in the neighborhood before hitting the crowds of Canal Street:

It was a wonderful, fun weekend and I'm looking forward to more city exploration, hopefully with John too!

On the train ride home:

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