Monday, October 24, 2011

Hikes in the 'Dacks

I met my parents and their dog Renee up in the Adirondack Mountains this weekend. We managed to fit in a little exploration of that area (first time for me) before we have to start thinking about winter and stuff. But we did catch the tail end of fall color, and some of it was spectacular (just not so easy to photograph while I was driving).

Renee waiting patiently to get moving:

I started with a warm-up hike up Round Mountain. Some of the trail was wet and muddy, but the section to the top was rocky and interesting instead:

Nice views from the top, even with a mostly-cloudy day:

We did a drive-through of Lake Placid and made plans to go back and explore all the fun Olympic sites like the ski jumps:

The next day we tackled a steep trail up Hurricane Mountain. It started so nicely in a pine forest:

Partway up we ran into a large swamp that was a challenge to cross. But we eventually made it without getting our feet too entirely soaked.

Renee waiting for a treat:

The start of the steep half mile to the top:

We made it! Beautiful views of Lake Champlain, Vermont, the Green Mountains...

...and much of the Adirondacks in the other direction, including Mount Marcy (NY high point) somewhere in the clouds.

Couldn't climb this fire tower, oh well:

Another treat for the patient puppy:

Beaver activity!

There used to be a trail here, pre-beaver:

A fun boardwalk over a marsh:

Renee leading the way back to the car:

A fun weekend, delicious dinner at the Deer's Head restaurant in Elizabethtown, excellent company, and a wonderful introduction to the ADK's. I'll be back with John in tow!

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