Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last day in the Big Apple - for now

Monday - a day off! - and a bit of time for some last NYC explorations.

Waiting for the subway to take us there...

Fun sculpture on Broadway!  We need to come back to see more of these by the same artist on the same street.

Lincoln Center - memories of last year's Glee finale:

Look what John found for me!

MoMA has a construction wall mural also - notes people have left about their visit (enlarged, I assume):

We had a couple hours remaining, so we wandered around MoMA to see a few more bits of art.  The place was crazy-crowded this time.

I like Picasso's goat:

A cast from a piece of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (called Stars and Doves) - it's fun finding things that relate to other places we have enjoyed:

Kip will likely figure out this quote immediately (he's a movie quote guru):

My favorite exhibit...

Time to go!  We'll be back!

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