Monday, December 3, 2012

Jaws wired shut - food edition

Current "Soups around Albany" list:

  1. Homemade red lentil/carrot/onion soup!  I'm drinking some right now.
  2. Pea soup (minus the ham) from Uncommon Grounds coffee shop
  3. Bruegger's Butternut Squash - almost pureed enough to not need blending (almost!)
  4. Trader Joe's Cream of Portabello Mushroom
  5. Campbell's Pea Soup
  6. Amy's Lentil Vegetable
  7. Panera Garden Vegetable with Pesto

Although no one probably really cares, since I've given myself permission to talk about food I somehow feel the need to make a list of what I've been eating these days.  As someone who *loves* to eat, this is a pretty pathetic list to work from for 25 days, but I'm trying for variety where I can.  The bright side is that I don't need a straw anymore - just cups and bowls and few napkins.

Chocolate SPIZ - one serving a day (split between morning/evening)
Ensure - one bottle a day (lunch)
Liquid multivitamin
[So at least I'm getting a base set of calories and range of nutrition]

Smoothies - various ingredients such as juice or almond milk, berries, banana, apple, mango, pineapple, avocado, spinach, carrots, Greek yogurt, protein powder, milled flax seed, honey, oatmeal, and I've recently started experimenting with Nutella  :)

Soups - the main source of legumes and vegetables, see above plus a staple of Trader Joe's purees such as squash, sweet potato bisque, and carrot-ginger right out of the box (no blending needed!)

I recently bought some Kefir and have been enjoying this for a bit of variety.

Various drinks - orange juice, local cider, other fruit juice, chai latte, ginger ale, chocolate soy or almond milk, and a little bit of high-calorie eggnog!

I've been walking about an hour every day and my weight has been constant since I dropped those first 3 pounds after surgery.  Now it's just patience for another 8 days...

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Marcy said...

Update: Campbell's Sweet Potato Tomatillo - with cheese!! Really close to #1 on the list, definitely takes the #2 spot as of tonight