Monday, February 25, 2013

Ski-O and visit to FDR

Last Saturday I got to try my first-ever ski-O event (orienteering on cross-country skis).  What a blast!  There were options to use trails to each checkpoint, or you could bushwhack your way through the woods anytime you wanted.  I used trails for the first 4 points (out of 10), except for a short few feet through some trees when I ended up on the wrong parallel trail.

In the next set of 4 points I saw some off-trail snowshoe tracks (which John had made while doing the Score-O version on snowshoes, collecting as many points as he could).  This inspired me to attempt a longer off-trail stint, and that worked so well that I continued across the north section of the map hopping from trail to trail.  The woods were open enough that I didn't have much trouble getting my skis in between the vegetation.  And it was great fun trying this for the first time.

Plus it was real nav with a compass bearing instead of just following trails.  In some cases I'm sure it was slower on the direct route, but I was having fun (and not caring about competition on that day) so I stuck with it for CP7 which was rather out in the middle of nowhere.

Then it was a fun, long ski back on trails and a climb to CP9 on the top of the hill.  From there I wanted to take a direct route down the hill, but it was too steep for my ski abilities so I took off my skis and ran down.  That worked great, a bit more skiing on trails for CP10, then downhill to the finish.  John collected a bunch of CP's in 2 hours and we both enjoyed the day very much.

On Sunday we drove down to the FDR home, memorial, and library in Hyde Park.  We spent some time on a tour of the house and grounds, wandered through the exhibits, and read lots of interesting information about these amazing people.

Eleanor and Franklin:

Their grave site on the property, the same size as his desk in the Oval Office:

FDR's childhood room:

Eleanor and Franklin's adjoining rooms:

A nice view down toward the Hudson River - must be very pretty here at other times of the year:

The stables - love the name on one of the stalls:

A flock of geese flying over the library - is it possible that Spring is coming eventually?

A couple photos of young Franklin:

Franklin's four freedoms, and a view of the Roosevelt Park in NYC that we would like to visit:

We went for a run on the snowy/icy trails up to Val-Kill (Eleanor's house) and Top Cottage (nice views) and down to the river.  I love running around National Park trails, always interesting things to see.

John has been looking for a sledding location, but apparently you can't sled on the Vanderbilt property:

The Rip Van Winkle Bridge over the Hudson River:

And a view of the river itself:

It was a lovely weekend, despite the gray weather.

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