Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowshoe day in the Catskills

We were lucky to get a beautiful day on a weekend, so we jumped on it with all four snowshoes.  Snowstorm Nemo put a bunch of white fluffy stuff on previously-bare ground, time for a winter workout.  Blue, sunny skies - no wind - even mild temperatures - it was a really nice day to be outside for a few hours.

So we drove down to the Catskills and hiked up to Windham High Peak.

Someone had circled these trees a couple times.  We call this "To Infinity - and beyond!":

John looking dapper:

We continued on the trail behind the peak for a couple miles of mostly cutting our own tracks.  Good exercise, is what that's supposedly called.

It also makes me appreciate actual running all that much more  :)

Look out, big hairy monster shadow!

Hiding behind that tree!

Oh, it just dapper John - hi John!

Today the snow is starting to melt.  It's a strange cycle this winter, but after experiencing the constant snow of 2 years ago, I still ain't complaining.

Thanks for a fun day, John!

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