Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sewanee hills

Back to Tennessee - I like this state every time we visit.  It's a brief few days in Chattanooga to start, but I did get some Tennessee topography/geology training in.  First a run up and over Lookout Mountain as a warm-up, that's always fun.

Then I drove over to the campus of Sewanee to check out the trails and valleys.  And interesting rock formations, for example:

Rocky creek:

Bridal View Falls - not only is it really pretty, but I didn't see a creek coming into it, nor one coming out from the bottom.

Just a hole where the water disappears!  I suspect there may be a few caves around here...

Rock on a hill:

It was rather chilly that morning:

Hmm, I might have found a saw brier?  Single strand, it's easy to avoid when there is only one:

My right Achilles is giving me some issues, and it doesn't seem like a normal little niggle that goes away the next day.  Making adjustments, trying to figure out what it means and how to fix it - to be continued...

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