Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Los Angeles wandering

Some of the things we found while checking out downtown L.A.

This is apparently designed to make music, although we didn't hear anything:

Strange art in public places:

Challenger Memorial in Little Tokyo:

Movable Rubik's Cube!

Entrance to a plaza in Little Tokyo:

Olympics-inspired art:

This reminds me of John for some reason:

Love this sculpture made from airplane parts:

Angel's Flight, "world's shortest railway", which wasn't running (too bad):

Magic Johnson:

More curious art:

Dancing fountain, nice shot by John:

Walt Disney concert hall, quite the building:

John running at the USC track - neat!

Beautiful rose garden:

The highlight for me - Space Shuttle Endeavour!

SpaceHab, a work space on the shuttle:

They plan to expand the display and show the shuttle plus everything around it as if it were about to be launched.  That would be amazing.

Somehow without planning to, we've gotten to see 3 space shuttles in less than 12 months.  Love it!  Maybe we need to go to Florida sometime?

Thank you Endeavour!

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