Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome to California

We're excited to be visiting my brother Kip in California!  It was especially fun to be together on Thanksgiving.  We ran to Mountain View to participate in a Turkey Trot 5K.

John even ran fast enough to take 3rd place in a large (and competitive) field!

That was without knowing he was competing for pie!  Thanks for winning Thanksgiving dessert for us, John.

It was also entertaining running back to Kip's house carrying a pie.

Yay pie!

The next weekend John's parents came to visit.  They enjoyed a tour of the Google campus:

We were excited that they got to see several self-driving cars:

And a conference bike (amid other normal Google bikes):

The dessert sculptures in their new location:

With the new lollipop.  Go Team V!  :)

A fun start to some Bay Area time, thanks Kip!

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