Monday, March 16, 2015

Mega Pi Day

Pi = 3.141592653...

We started celebrating Pi Day (3/14) a couple years ago, first with dessert pi, then last year with pizza pi.  This year was special - extra digits!  An all-day pi extravaganza ensued...

We started at the Computer History Museum which was offering free admission for everyone that was in line at "Pi Time", 9:26 a.m. (Kip helped me with the exact seconds needed for this photo):

It was a popular event and a long line before they opened the doors:

A bit of Raspberry Pi at a workshop in the museum - I also noticed that they abbreviated it to "RPi" which of course reminds me of my alma mater.

Unrelated to Pi Day, it was just fun to see a real IBM 1401 computer that had been restored (oops, missed the chance to get a photo of the machine) and this image on the wall from Dr. Strangelove:

A fun demonstration of the Babbage computer:

Later in the day we were catching up on Jeopardy from last week, and this came up - weird coincidence:

And finally, we got to eat pie!  We went all-out, after all it's only one day in a lifetime we can celebrate pi to that many digits.

Happy Pi Day!

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