Monday, March 2, 2015

Volunteering at Hellyer

I had fun last Saturday at Brazen Racing's Hellyer race in San Jose.  It was a fast, flat course on a paved bike path along Coyote Creek.

Setting up our aid station:

Pretty good spread for a 10K or half marathon:

The "rabbit" for the lead half-marathon runner, love the ears:

One of the fast half marathon ladies:

Hey, it's Kip!  Looking good!

Go Kip!

The half-marathon "rabbit" on the way back through (I was stationed at the 10K turnaround, directing runners based on which course they were doing):

You got this, Kip!

Not far to the finish now...

Toward the end of aid station duties:

I had an enjoyable bike ride home, mostly on bike paths.  There are some excellent places to ride around this area.  Including the Guadalupe River Trail which goes right by the airport.  It was fun watching planes take off and land:

Time to go for a run myself!

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