Friday, July 17, 2015

July 4 in Montana

Happy Fourth of July (only 2 weeks late)!  I'll catch up eventually...

John and I ran a 5K in Big Fork, phew!  That's a lot faster than I normally run, maybe I should get back to doing intervals once in a while.  At least it was over quickly.  And now we have done a race in Montana:

Kathy and Bob joined us for the Big Fork parade.  We love small-town July 4 parades, always something different and cute.  For example, a 3-layer cake (sadly not edible):

And a calliope:

Waiting for the fire engine (no water hose fights a la Silverton, alas):

Santa on a 4-wheeler, why not?

I'm not old enough to know what this is:

Browsing curious clothing in the sporting goods store - hiking kilt, anyone?

As close to a bear as I will hopefully ever get (by the way, no new bear sightings to report to date):

Back in our neck of the woods near Columbia Falls... we had to experience "The Vortex" which promised to show us "a genuine quantum or gravitational anomaly that may re-define the laws of physics and nature."  Something different!

Our tour guide showing us that the cement pad is level:

I'm not normally at eye level with John:

That's more like it (wish I had been sure to stand up straight for this one):

Kathy and Bob's turn:

The tilted house was our favorite part, goofing around with the ladder, a marble rolling "uphill," other fun things to play with:

Broom attack!

Bob standing on the wall ladder:

The garden labyrinth:

The incredible shrinking/growing bench!

Or maybe it's us that are shrinking!

Too much fun :)

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