Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trail of the Cedars/Avalanche hike

Time for a lovely walk in the woods!  We really enjoyed the Trail of the Cedars loop, with lots of shade and beautiful tall trees.

A bulbous protrusion:

Alligator tree:

We continued up on the trail toward Avalanche Lake, glad we did!  The creek drops into this neat little gorge, lots of great rock and water shapes:

Even a little rainbow...

John admiring the gorgeous gorge (and, I assume, not contemplating a dip in the water today):

Sometimes (not often) our little camera does a decent job with moving water:

Loving the tall trees:

A curious selfie decision:

Which was here first?

John looking for a rotten tree to push over (not today):

Hollow Bob:

Wow, what a view of Avalanche Lake and the waterfalls coming down from the glacier above!

Thumbs up for this spot:

This calls for some yoga on the logs:

Revenge of the Trees (for trying to push them over, perhaps):

Getting to the root of the matter:

After that it was time for Kathy and Bob to check in at their new digs - a caboose!  How cool is that.

Highly in favor of this lodging option (at Izaak Walton Inn), like a version of a travel trailer except currently less mobile:

Bob has found the reading nook:

Kathy enjoying the reading room:

 View across the tracks to the Inn:

It's a lovely place, a nice option for a couple days near Glacier:

Always fun to see what we'll find next!

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