Friday, December 11, 2015

Maui for a week, part 2

John was busy working, so I continued to explore Maui.  Tough job, but someone in the family had to do it  :)

My next assignment was to check out the road to Hana.  I didn't get all the way around the eastern loop, nor even to the town of Hana.  The curvy, busy road eventually wore me down and I had accomplished my goal of seeing a few waterfalls.  Another time, hopefully.

Ho'okipa Lookout is a great spot for watching the surf and the surfers.  Next time, binoculars are in order.  There's a tiny dot on the right end of the long white wave... probably a surfer:

Bamboo, excellent maze-building material:

Green lushness crowding the road.

Love the variety of the plants, these possibly planning on engulfing our rental car if I leave it too long:

Can't even begin to guess what these tall green things are:

Jungle offering:

There's a waterfall!  And quite a lovely pool:

Lower Puohokamoa Falls - big name for a big waterfall:

Little trails snaking through the plants, trying not to get myself too muddy through here:

Nice rewards:

My turnaround spot, a lovely look at the north coast of the island:

One final day of playing around, I started with a run (actually, more of a hike) on the Lahaina Pali Ridge trail.  "Pali" means cliff, although this trail isn't all that cliffy.  Mostly through volcanic grassland:

The best part was the expansive view to the south, including a closeup of the giant wind turbines:

Hawai'i is doing well on the renewable energy initiative.  In the background is the uninhabited island of Kaho'olawe:

I believe that is the island of Lanai on the horizon as the trail comes back down toward the highway:

After an excellent lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate in Lahaina, I continued around the west coast to find the Dragon's Teeth.  These are interesting rock formations that I couldn't figure out exactly how to capture on camera:

One of my favorite island pastimes, watching surf crash onto rocks:

I couldn't resist taping and posting surf videos:

A bit further along I found this lovely set of calm pools, with surf crashing just outside.  Very cool:

Seen a little better in a video:

More wave action (and possibly Moloka'i across the water):

Big waves slid along the rocks on the other side of the bay, leaving little waterfalls in their wake:

I did a little hike to find the Nakalele Blowhole, checking out some interesting rock erosion on the way:

Live Happy:

Nakalele Blowhole, just finishing an "eruption" and creating a lovely rainbow in the mist:

Timing the camera shot proved a bit of a challenge:

Easier to capture the whole thing on video:

Heart-shaped hole with surf behind it:

Flashbacks to Utah rock formations...

Finishing the drive around the west side, the last few miles were entertaining.  Single lane in parts, lots of curves.  At least this road was much quieter than the road to Hana.

As I was getting back toward civilization (and the road was opening up more), this sign made me laugh.  Like, duh.

John did get a chance to see some of the island, including a run on beautiful Big Beach:

Thank you Maui, for a fun and interesting week!

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