Friday, December 25, 2015

Tomato-ville Triathon

Our niece Abby organized a fun race on Halloween called the Tomato-ville Triathlon, in Jacksonville TX.  It has been a really long time since we've done a triathlon (well, at least the swimming part).  We didn't have our bikes with us.  And then there was a bunch of rain around that time.  So it was quite an organizational challenge for Abby.

But she pulled it off!  Several adjustments were made, the location was set, we scheduled it for a good weather window, and we even had Jenny and Jerry there as support crew.

Checking out the start of the trails where we would be biking and running:

Abby and Loren flew through the swimming portion.  The rest of us survived.  Here's Lindy, possibly at the part where she's happy to be done:

John making his way across the pool, go John!

From there Loren and Abby picked up bikes to do some cycling miles.  The rest of us started on foot and took turns on the bikes as they were available.  An excellent way to adjust for the fact that we were lacking a key piece of equipment.  It was basically "choose your own adventure" as long as everyone did some amount of biking and running.  Neat!

Abby enjoying the bike ride:

I was happy to be back doing something I'm used to:

Lindy and Brett also looking pleased to be out of the pool:

Loren making another lap:

John trying to catch Abby on the uphill:

Finishing up back at the rec center:

Loren and Abby at the finish:

Lindy and Brett opted for the indoor cycles to complete their biking leg:

Best finishing medals ever!  I propose all races use chocolate chip cookies on a string as finisher awards.  I liked it so much, mine was gone before Jerry could get a picture (John managed to keep his long enough to play around with it):

With Jerri Lind, gear manager and keeper of the finisher medals:

Selfie with Jerry, one of our support crew (and Jenny barely visible in the background):

Fuzzy group photo on the exercise machines:

Thank you Abby, that was great fun!!

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