Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Haleakala volcano scenery

I went for another hike to the top of Maui, in Haleakala National Park.  I just love the views up there and couldn't resist taking the camera along.

This time I parked the car at a lower trailhead (Halemau'u), took the trail around and into the crater, crossed over to Shifting Sands trail and climbed up to the Visitor Center.  I finished with a 6-mile road run back to the car.  Most people get dropped off at the top and hike in the reverse direction, but I liked the idea of a solo loop.  Even the road run wasn't too bad.

Morning view toward West Maui in the distance:

Looking north at the greenery.  Somewhere over there is the road to Hana.

A view down into the crater.

And after making my way down the switchbacks to the bottom, here's a look back the way I had come from:

A small lava cone (scale is much reduced from the rest of the photos in this post):

Oh wait, here's another close-up, this one of a Silversword (so pretty):

Still amazed at the lunar-like landscape:

"Stick" figure in the sand:

Love the colors on these slopes, this taken while climbing Shifting Sands:

And the trail up to the top:

How lucky to have this mountain on Maui!

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