Thursday, November 15, 2018

Alaska cruise - Victoria

Our last port, the city of Victoria in British Columbia.  We had only an evening to roam around, so we hopped off right away to make the most of it.

Most impressive gardens and flowers and topiary!  We could have spent a day walking around looking at it all (and I'm guessing Butchart Gardens is even more spectacular).  The following photos are from John during his walk into town:

A large Native American totem pole:

Impressive parliament building:

Kip and I ran over to Beacon Hill Park, checking out the Mile '0' marker along the way.  It's the beginning of Trans-Pacific Highway (we were thinking it must include a ferry ride - yep, it does):

An inspiring Terry Fox statue - I remember from when I was young hearing about him running across Canada with an amputated/prosthetic leg.  You're amazing, Terry!

We couldn't miss this one - the world's tallest totem pole (with a Kip for height reference):

Hey a peacock!  We were pretty excited to get to see one up close:

Turns out there are a gazillion peacocks in the park, just wandering around like it's nothing special.  Pretty cool.

The main target of the evening - the Interactivity Board Game Cafe!  You can get a table, order some food and drinks, and borrow a game from their extensive library.  A wonderful place to hang out and learn new games.  We need more of these cafes in the world.  We made each other laugh with the Deadpool "create your own caption" cards:

Time to head back to the ship, with a few more sights along the way.  I believe these are whales spouting water while leaping out of a wave (as they do?):

The statue of Captain Cook, I'm not sure if John is quizzing Kip about the man's identity...

Another excellent totem pole, and the parliament building lit up at night:

Thank you Victoria, that was a fun evening!

And that's it for the cruise!  Highly recommend.

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